Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shallow Living

I'm becoming more aware of the dynamic, or concept "shallow living". People who go through life skimming the surface, and not experiencing its substance. This isn't a judgement of those people. It's merely an observation of a type of personality. This is the person the races through a museum, then happily checks it off their list. For them life is a checklist not an experience. Nothing is savored.
Now that I've become aware of this concept and/or dynamic, I'm noticing more and more of these people.
One of my questions lately has been wondering why I don't seem to connect with certain types of people. That's when I realized I've been dealing with people who live by checklist. It's good to have a list of goals. There's nothing wrong about that. To these people though, it's the checklist that matters, not the thing ON the list. I want to visit Japan someday. To experience it, not just so I can say I've crossed it off my list!
I've been learning a good deal lately about myself and living with substance and experience. That has made my awareness more finely-tuned to those who live by checklist.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Zen of Snow

I was just out shoveling snow. It was quiet and serene. Just me, the quietly falling snow, and the trees. I couldn't help but feel they were reaching their branches up to welcome the flakes. It was one of those instances where one feels the fully-connected moment. I felt like I was a part of some timeless importance. Something we miss. Something we're so hectic and filled with chaos and stress that we miss feeling the harmony of connection to.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Formula For Enjoying Life's Journey

On the diagram Point A is where you're currently at. 
The goal you've set for yourself is Point B. 

In between those two points is C. 
That's the space you fill in with actions to get from A to B.
It can be filled with fear, anxiety, despair and a sense of dread at the tasks it will take to get there, all of which will probably sabotage your end goal.
Or it can be filled with a sense of adventure, the thrill of taking on challenges, excitement of daring to step into something new, and a genuine sense of accomplishment when you get there.
Now which do you think makes the journey more rewarding and memorable?